Concealed Weapons Classes

The Orlando Shooting Gallery Range has instructors available onsite every day for Concealed Weapon Permit classes almost daily for $75 per person. This class takes just a couple hours. You will be taught all the concealed weapons laws surrounding carrying your gun. You will go in the gun range to do some shooting and get the education you need to carry a concealed weapon. Call today to set your Concealed Weapon Gun Class appointment.

In this Concealed Weapons Class, you will learn:

• What it takes to get your concealed weapons license?
• Learn the proper procedures and guidelines of using a handgun
• Learn firearm selections and specializations
• Review Florida Statutes for carrying a concealed weapon
• Concealed Weapons Process including expediting your application process
What you need to bring?
• You will need to bring a Florida issued photo identification proving you are over the age of 21
• A handgun in good working order that you are comfortable operating. If you do not have a handgun, rentals are available at an additional cost.
• 20-25 rounds of ammunition for the handgun.

You can register by phone, or in person at The Shooting Gallery in Orlando. The cost is $75 Per Person. Call (407) 428-6225 today and set up your appointment. We have an Instructor that is available for Concealed Weapon Permit classes almost every day for $75 per person. This class takes just a couple hours where you will be taught all the laws surrounding concealed carry and you will go in the range to do some shooting. Call today to set up an appointment.