Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided you with answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find your answers here then Contact Us so we can answer your questions directly. ,

Monday Through Sunday 10am to 8pm. Last shooter taken at 7pm.
Yes, is open to the public.
No you do not need a reservation.
A valid form of government issued identification (State ID, Drivers License, or Passport).
Our minimum age is 10 years old. The minor must be present with their parent/guardian to shoot. We do reserve the right to deny a minor shooter if we feel that safety is being compromised. We do have range instructors on staff who will facilitate beginner shooters.
We do not have a set age limit for minor shooters. We do require that they are with their parent/guardian and that they are competent and safe during weapon instructions and procedures. We have allowed minors as young as 10 years old to shoot and have also turned away teenagers who were 14 years old. We reserve the right to deny range use based on safety and understanding of the minor.
Yes, we allow tourists to shoot with no experience needed. Our range instructors will help you during your shooting experience. Please remember to bring your passport with you.
Yes, we do allow individuals to shoot at the gun range. We have the range instructor supervise during your shooting experience.
We have instructors on staff at the and also offer Concealed Weapons Permit classes.
No posing is allowed. However, you are allowed to take pictures provided that you are safe with all firearms.
Yes but you may only bring it for your own gun.