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When dealing with guns, something to consider are the professionals managing the
shooting ranges. Do you want a theme park employee showing you how to work a fully
automatic machine gun? I didn’t think so! With so many gun range options, make sure
you have a licensed professional with multiple years of shooting range experience at the
helm. Florida offers many shooting range options, but very few offer the experience and
professionalism needed to ensure a quality experience. Shooting range professionals
are the backbone of any gun range and should possess some of the following traits.

  • Multiple years of actual gun range experience
  • Licensed to carry and possess weapons in appropriate state
  • Knowledgeable of the state and federal laws to fire and carry weapons

No one wants a plumber working on the electricity to his or her house, so why would
you allow someone without the proper training to show you how to load a gun? When
researching your shooting range, make sure to consider how experienced the
professionals truly are in that facility. Does the person managing the range have
theoretical experience or is their primary concern charge your credit card? Or does that
person offer you real value, education, professionalism and experience you can trust?

Shooting Variety

Ok, so who doesn’t want to shoot a gun? Really? Have you experienced the fun, thrill
, and excitement in learning how to load, aim and fire a weapon? If not, it’s hard to
explain. With so many guns to choose from, sometimes the toughest decision is
choosing the right one to shoot. Are you more comfortable with a semi-automatic, or
prefer to let it rip with a fully automatic weapon? Are you a precision shooter, then rifles
are the best choice. Or maybe machine guns your thing?

When visiting your local shooting range, make sure to request the “current” inventory of
weapons they have in stock. That is of course if you don’t have your own. You don’t
want to visit the gun range and only have a hand-full of guns to choose from. The worst
thing to do is shoot a gun that doesn’t fit your profile. That can totally diminish your
shooting experience. Having a variety of options to guns, rifles, and shotguns to shoot
from is an important thing when considering visiting a shooting range.

Comfortable Shooting Experience

Ok, so you made your choice and ready to narrow down your shooting range decisions.
No matter if you’re in the middle of Florida, or in Orlando on International Drive. Each
step in your decision-making process is critical to your overall experience. You will be
surprised at how many ranges offer great marketing material, but when you show up it’s
like shooting in the barn with your uncle. With temperatures in the summer reaching well
over 100 degrees, ensuring you have several things can make-or-break your
experience. Below I’ve listed a few things to look out for when making your choice.

  • Fully air condition shooting range facility
  • Lounge area for breaks between rounds
  • Well trained and knowledgeable shooting range staff
  • Variety of guns, rifles, shotguns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons

Air condition is one of my biggest pet peeves. Shooting ranges shouldn’t feel like you’re
in the backyard. Often, shooting ranges in Florida welcome you in with cool-air, yet
when you go into the range you’re having to peel off layers like an onion. There is no
way you can comfortably practice shooting with sweat dripping from your nose.
Shooting can be tiresome, so you may want to consider choosing a place in which is
accommodating to its guest. Having air condition is one of those basic things.

Well Trained Staff

The well-trained staff is the secret sauce to any great experience. The ability to have
someone friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced to rely on is key. Who likes going to
a restaurant with a waiter/waitress who has no idea what the food taste like, or menu
contains? Ensuring your gun range has friendly well-trained staff, along with a variety of
items to choose from can be a major decision maker. Don’t fall into the trap as many of
the visitors who seek to shoot in Florida. Don’t end up at a range that had guns dating
back to civil war. That is unless you’re seeking that thrill.

So, the next time you’re in Florida and thinking about having some fun. Think about
visiting the local gun range. When making your decisions, we just hope you consider
these few options.

Have a fun and safe shooting experience.

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